Mum & Baby Yoga

Baby yoga is suitable after early checks have been undertaken by your health professional, around 6 -8 weeks postpartum (8-10 weeks post c section) is a perfect time to start, up until your baby is mobile. The 6-week course is designed for both mum and baby, where you can experience gentle yoga stretches, relaxation and have fun with your child.
Benefits for mum- each week we will focus on something new that will help to balance hormones, improve muscle tone and help with fatigue. We will use gentle yoga stretches that will help build your post-partum body, by strengthening your abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and back muscles. Your body is in need of some TLC, chose this quiet time to think and feel about yourself.
The benefits for your baby, baby yoga helps support a baby’s digestive system, helping with constipation and wind, baby yoga can also relieve colic. Regular yoga also aids better sleep patterns. The course is lots of fun for your baby and enhances communication between mother and child.
This is a lovely, fun time to bond with your baby. Our class’s end with a story and some gentle sensory play with bubbles.

 To book on to any of the sessions simply visit the Facebook page, Instagram or use the Contact Us link at the top